David Joshua Jennings’ interest in photography began with and grew alongside his interest in travel. Jennings has spent most of his adult life on the road, traveling through more than 50 countries. During this time, his camera has served as a means of exploration as well as its justification. Without designs, he documented his journeys and allowed his craft to grow organically through experimentation and error. He has never formally studied photography.

His work explores globalization, alienation, desire, and cultural dissolution.

He is based out of New Orleans.


For an ongoing feed of David’s current work, follow him on Instagram: @RoadDiaries

One thought on “About

  1. Hello,

    Just now, I finished reading your piece, “A Thousand Strange Places”. Terrific work! Visual, experiential, insightful and reflective writing.

    I’m a late-starter desiring to begin a new chapter in my life which might include many of the ideas/notions expressed through-out your piece. Yes, I agree that one would serve themselves well staying in one location for an extended period of time, as you have done in your travels.
    I’ve been an educator – children and adults – for over forty years.

    Actually, I’m a learner, at heart. Inside the classroom, everyone taught and everyone learned. My sense of instruction immerged from the notion that the students led me to the places where they needed to learn, rather than having me choose those places for them.

    The last item about myself I’d like to mention is that as I worked full-time in a classroom, I worked as a teacher consultant for the National Writing Project. Through my explorations and learning with members of NWP, I was offered the opportunity to travel around the U.S. working with all sorts and levels of educators from CA to NY. I’ve always used my learning to guide my experiences. A pattern developed over the years which helped me determine the learning steps I needed to take, in order, to move into a new challenge.

    Now, that I’m not in the classroom or any other area, such as consulting, my sense seems to say —– It’s time for a new path. Yet, I’m trying to determine the next step to take as I enter the path.

    I’ve visited Italy and France, simply led there by the research I was doing for a book I planned to write. After retuning to the states, I realized that the concept for the book became something different from its original theme. I stopped writing at that point. Not sure why. But, I have some ideas.

    At present, as I attempt to discern the next step in my life’s journey, I sense the need to learn from others, like you, who can inspire me and teach me about the way they entered the, should I say, traveling and/or gypsy life. I’ve already sold or given away most possessions, except for important books, artwork and memorabilia representing the early life of my son, who is no longer living with me.

    I guess before I write the next book of Exodus or the Lotus Sutra, I should bring this piece to a quick end. So, if you’ve taken time to read my writing —- thank you, thank you. More than that, know I’m honored to have read your prize-winning piece. Your voice was very apparent in your writing and spoke to me in a deep and needful place. I appreciate what you’ve done through your work. Your writing spoke to my soul!

    Let me hear more, from you, if you have other ideas, suggestions or just notions serving to help me with my current discernments about where to take my next step. I’m trying to listen to others and be thoughtful of their offerings.

    Be well and continue your writing and photography. Your talent is obvious and speaks from your heart.
    Suzanne Thompson
    Happy New Year

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